April Update, 2023

Hello, everyone! I hope you’ve been well.

Spring is finally here and I’m positively elated. I always go into Winter thinking that I love the season for the first third of it, but then by the time we reach the end of February, I just want it out the damn door. But I’m like this every year, without fail, so I’ve no doubt that I’ll be the same again come this December.

As of right now, I’m still largely absent from social media. I’ve been slowly creeping back into Twitter, but I’ve left Instagram mostly deserted. It won’t stay this way forever, though, as I’ll most likely return sometime this Spring.

All right, now the moment we’ve all been waiting for; I finally have an official release date for Lord of the Night Realm: Reunion. It will be available for Kindle, paperback, and hardcover on May 12, 2023. (EPUB will follow at a later date.) Unfortunately, due to some botching on my end, there will be no preorder period for this release, so please mark your calendars and bookmark my Amazon author page to see when it goes live. This was a mistake on my part and will not happen again with future book releases.

I realize this release date is later than the “during April” that I originally promised, but I’ll be honest; though I have the wonderful support of a fantastic editor and beta reader, I’m primarily a one-woman show. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that is difficult to tackle even when self-pub writing is your full-time job. (And for me, it’s not.) As such, the whole process has left me utterly overwhelmed. Thrilled! But overwhelmed.

And that’s why I have a more sound plan in mind for all book future book releases. Because trust me; I’ve got plenty more coming, and I’ll be divulging more details about those in June.

My last announcement is that Lord of the Night Realm: Sojourn will be having another $.99 Kindle sale starting April 15th, to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of its release! This sale will last until the release of Reunion on May 12th, so it’s the perfect time to pick it up digitally or to convince a friend to try it out if they’ve been on the fence.

Thank you for your understanding with all the messiness of getting this book released, but I promise you that it’ll be worth the wait. So until next time, take care!

March Update, 2023

Hello, everyone! I hope you’ve been well.

We haven’t yet reached the Spring Equinox, but I am quite tired of winter and am ready for the season to change already. I yearn for budding leaves and warmer days. (Though I’m all but certain that I’ll complain about it being too warm by May.)

In last month’s update, I mentioned that I’ve been feeling exhausted. While that hasn’t changed, it certainly has improved. I made the decision to step away from social media for awhile, aside from an occasional peek in at what fellow indie authors have been up to. This has helped substantially in improving my mood, but I still haven’t quite passed that threshold between “okay” and “good”. Until I reach that point, I will still be largely absent from Twitter and Instagram. Even then, I’ll return gradually. I’d hate to be immediately set back days after my return.

Lord of the Night Realm: Reunion is going well. I still haven’t updated that progress tracker, but I promise I will this month. I’m excited for the release this April (date still pending), as it’s been a monumental step up in almost every way and touches on so much that we only glimpsed in Sojourn.

Aside from that, I’ve finally added an illustration gallery, which you can find through the Sojourn page. I absolutely plan to have more art commissioned in the future, of which can always be found on that page.

There’s not much else to update on while I finish up Reunion. So until next time, take care!