March 28, 2024

THEY WERE ELVES, a high fantasy novella series inspired by TTRPG adventures & spanning numerous volumes. Volume 1 coming late summer 2024.

Announcing THEY WERE ELVES, a high fantasy, low stakes novella series inspired by TTRPG adventures!Both comedic and dramatic, THEY WERE ELVES follows the adventures and misadventures of a group of elves on their shared journey of self-discovery throughout the strange and beautiful world of Vyrathia. The first volume, WIZARD OF THE CRUMBLING TOWER, introduces us to two members of the group and the peculiar circumstances of how they came to be in each other's company.The series will span numerous volumes, with each novella being a complete adventure that links into the next. Vol. 1 is due to release late summer 2024.More details and a cover reveal will come in the following months! You can get the cover reveal a couple of weeks early, plus other benefits, by signing up for the $4/mo or higher tiers on my Patreon.

March 1, 2024

Welcome to the newly designed official website for Senna Byrd! Everything that was available on the old website is available here, but with one exception. As posts are no longer done in a blog fashion, there is no more option to subscribe to latest posts through e-mail.Because of this change, this page will only be updated with the latest major announcements. If you would still like small monthly updates and announcements sent to your inbox, please consider joining me on Patreon. They're free to read, and you can create an account and follow without spending a single dollar. Following will guarantee that you'll get the latest posts sent to your inbox. (Or at least, that you'll get a notification on Patreon that there's a new post, depending on your settings.)In the meantime, please keep an eye on this space, as my latest project will be announced very soon!


Senna Byrd was born in Wisconsin, United States in 1990. Her love of high fantasy and storytelling began at a young age, stirring her to pen several short, messy manuscripts for fun until the significance of her passion dawned on her as a teen. When she’s not writing, Senna can often be found reading fantasy stories, drawing, playing old computer and video games, and fawning over most things elven. She serialized her first novel — LORD OF THE NIGHT REALM: SOJOURN — in 2021.

Lord of the Night Realm

Sojourn (Book I)



A romantic fantasy tale following Ellie, a young woman torn from her everyday life and dropped in an unfamiliar and dreary world known as the Night Realm. There she forms unexpected and cherished relationships with its denizens, including Lord Janus — the vampire who takes her in as his ward. But if Ellie’s not quick to decide between the life she knew and the one she’s found, evils lurking in the shadows may take it upon themselves to write a new fate for her.

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Content Warnings (Contains Spoilers)

Reunion (Book II)



After the successful execution of Isadore’s scheme, Ellie finds herself back home with no recollection of her time away from the Prime Realm. But just as she begins assimilating back into a normal life, the Solarists put a plan into motion that involves her in a deadly way. What fate lies in store for Ellie and those she loves at the hand of her forgotten lover’s nemesis? And what will become of Isadore as he begins unraveling in his attempt to reconcile his past mistakes?

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Content Warnings (Contains Spoilers)




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Lord of the Night Realm: Sojourn Content Warnings

Below is a detailed list of all the most sensitive content contained within LORD OF THE NIGHT REALM: SOJOURN. Be aware that there are both minor and major spoilers.

Alcohol Consumption
(Ch. 18, 20, 30) There are multiple scenes where characters engage in relaxed social drinking.
Arachnid Monster
(Ch. 20, 25, 26, 30) A massive arachnid monster is explained in detail. It is majorly present in chapters 25 and 26.
(Ch. 7, 25, 26, 30) There are detailed descriptions of gore varying from short to long.
Incestuous Relationship (Implied, negatively)
(Ch. 14) Two antagonistic vampire half-siblings are implied to be in a romantic relationship via one spoken line; “You love me, so make it so!” It is depicted negatively.
Mentions of Physical Abuse (Parent to child)
(Ch. 23) An adult vampire has signs of physical abuse on his body that are clearly stated as having come from his father.
Minor Body Horror
(Ch. 25, 26) There are malformed humanoid creatures with detailed descriptions of their bodies.
Sexual Content
(Ch. 28) The lead characters engage in consensual sex. This is written from an emotional standpoint and not an erotic one.

Lord of the Night Realm: Reunion Content Warnings

Below is a detailed list of all the most sensitive content contained within LORD OF THE NIGHT REALM: REUNION. Be aware that there are both minor and major spoilers.

Alcohol Consumption
(Ch. 32, 36, 41, 58, 60) There are multiple scenes where characters engage in relaxed drinking.
Anxiety Attack
(Ch. 47) There is a detailed description of a character experiencing an anxiety attack during a tense moment.
Blood and Gore
(Ch. 36, 56) There are numerous mentions and descriptions of blood due to this being a vampire novel. Chapters listed are where there are cases of gore.
Body Horror
(Ch. 45, 47, 56, 57) A parasite living in a character’s wound lashes out in a violent way. Additionally, a character has a large cavity in their chest that exposes their heart.
Child Abuse (Physical/Psychological)
(Ch. 55) A major character is revealed to have suffered severed abuse, from both their parent and their faith, and is shown throughout the duration of the chapter.
Cultist Beliefs Rooted in Prejudice
(Ch. 36, 55) A major plot point is that an antagonistic cult is mentioned and shown many times to carry beliefs that paint people not of certain races as vile, of which they act out upon. Though it is shown most in the listed chapters, it is reoccurring throughout the entire story.
Familial Death
(Ch. 53, 54) Members of a protagonist’s family are murdered before their eyes.
Medical Procedures
(Ch. 45, 48) A character undergoes medical procedures twice on an open wound on the torso.

Lord of the Night Realm Gallery

Cover Illustrations

Erion Makuo | Helena Nikulina

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Character Illustrations

Juniper Lake Fitzgerald | Nell Fugate