New Title Announcement ‘Lord of the Night Realm’

Announcing ‘Lord of the Night Realm’, an upcoming free-to-read fantasy novel that begins serialization this Friday, March 19th on Wattpad and Inkitt!

The allure of the mysterious is often compelling when one lives a normal life.

Eleanor Martel had only just finished her final exams of college at Leyia Academy when she was offered an apprenticeship to become a literary professor. Dreams of a possible new future occupied her mind, but what she could never truly anticipate coming into her life was a talking rat that pulled her into another realm to save her from a man of dark intention. However, she is considered something of a trespasser in this alternate plane, known as the Night Realm.

In this haven for the outcast and unwanted, Eleanor becomes a ward under the care of the vampire, Lord Janus. Though it is unknown whether she can return home, Eleanor soon finds comfort, friendship, and love in the denizens of the castle during her stay in the Night Realm. But her presence there has not gone unnoticed, and terrors from the darkest reaches of the plane begin to stir.

Read on Wattpad
Read on Inkitt

Main Visual Illustration by Helena Nikulina

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