Update Regarding Release of ‘Lord of the Night Realm’ Chapters

Good afternoon, everyone. I write to you today with a pair of updates regarding the release schedule for chapters of Lord of the Night Realm. Up until this point, chapters have been releasing on a one-per-week basis every Friday at 12:00 PM US Central.

The first change is that the time of release will be pushed to every Friday at 3:00 PM US Central, so three hours later than usual. The reason for this is that Wattpad does not have scheduled publishing, so I have to manually publish the chapters every Friday at 12:00 PM. This is proving more difficult to keep up with as time goes on due to schedule conflict.

The second change is that I had originally planned to start releasing two chapters per week at some point during the middle of the first act. Now that we are approaching that point, I’ve taken the time to consider that this would be both detrimental to my productivity and overwhelming for my readers. It’s often recommended to publish two or more chapters a week when serializing a story, but the word count of each of my chapters are consistently double or triple that of the average serialized chapter. So as it stands, I am already releasing enough to read each week, and will continue to release only one chapter at a time.

To summarize;
1.) Scheduled release time will be at 3:00 PM US Central, effective immediately.
2.) Chapters will continue to release at a rate of one per week.

The only thing that this changes for you—the reader—is that chapters will arrive three hours later on Friday afternoon. Both of these changes will make it easier for me to keep focused on my work without feeling needlessly overwhelmed, and as such keep the chapters quality and consistent.

Thank you for taking the time to read this update and for your continued support with Lord of the Night Realm. I’ve appreciated it tremendously, and I hope that you continue to enjoy the story as it progresses. If you are looking to provide any additional support, please consider visiting my Ko-fi page for further options.

Take care and read on!

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