Now on Patreon!

Good evening, everyone! I’ve recently launched my Patreon for those looking to give a little extra support. Perks for each tier can be found on the page itself, but will also be listed below.

Tier 1: Evoker ($3 USD)
A “tipping” tier that earns you my gratitude!

Tier 2: Thaumaturge ($5 USD)
In addition to my gratitude, you’ll gain access to serial chapters one week before public release!

Tier 3: Warlock ($10 USD)
Includes previous perks, plus a shout-out to patrons pledged at this tier at the end of publicly released serial chapters. Not only that, but you’ll have access to a free download of the EPUB version of my latest book!

Tier 4: Goblin Cheesemancer ($30 USD)
Includes all other perks, plus anyone who pledges at this tier for any duration of time will be added to a “Thank You” page at the end of any of my completed, published works!

Thank you if you consider signing up for my Patreon! But don’t forget; this isn’t the only way to give support. There are many ways you can go about it, and I recommend looking at the Ways to Support page for other methods if Patreon is not for you.

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