Site Update and Ko-fi Details

Hello, everyone! Since my last update, I’ve had a nice break and have now been hard at work writing the second half of Lord of the Night Realm: Book II – Reunion. In fact, I’m just on the cusp of two-thirds completed! Ending the serial early so that I could work at my leisure has done wonders, and I personally feel that the most recent chapters have improved in quality as a result.

But today I wanted to share a few web updates.

First and foremost is that I’ve updated the page for Lord of the Night Realm: Book I – Sojourn with additional content warnings. I realized it was lacking, so I added anything I remembered which might be upsetting for a reader. If I realize more in the future, I will absolutely update the page again.

The second is that I’m shifting focus for additional support from Patreon to Ko-fi. The former will remain open temporarily, but will not receive any further updates unless I decide to open it again in the future. A major contributing factor in this decision was that I prefer Ko-fi’s format of allowing people to choose however much they’d like to contribute instead of being forced into static amounts. Additionally, I will use it as a way to share writings early just as I had been with Patreon. Some unreleased chapters from Book II – Reunion will make their way there for supporters, but this perk will primarily come into play for future books and serials. I have even more ideas beyond that, but for now that’s what can be expected from that platform. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please check out my Ko-fi page.

Lastly, I hope to post more frequently to keep you all updated with how writing is progressing, plus other glimpses into my life and hobbies. If that’s something you’re interested in, be sure to keep tabs on this site or even sign up for email updates via the sidebar form.

Until then, take care!

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