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Good evening, everyone! I’ve recently launched my Patreon for those looking to give a little extra support. Perks for each tier can be found on the page itself, but will also be listed below.

Tier 1: Evoker ($3 USD)
A “tipping” tier that earns you my gratitude!

Tier 2: Thaumaturge ($5 USD)
In addition to my gratitude, you’ll gain access to serial chapters one week before public release!

Tier 3: Warlock ($10 USD)
Includes previous perks, plus a shout-out to patrons pledged at this tier at the end of publicly released serial chapters. Not only that, but you’ll have access to a free download of the EPUB version of my latest book!

Tier 4: Goblin Cheesemancer ($30 USD)
Includes all other perks, plus anyone who pledges at this tier for any duration of time will be added to a “Thank You” page at the end of any of my completed, published works!

Thank you if you consider signing up for my Patreon! But don’t forget; this isn’t the only way to give support. There are many ways you can go about it, and I recommend looking at the Ways to Support page for other methods if Patreon is not for you.

“Lord of the Night Realm: Book II – Reunion” Serialization Begins

The first chapter of Lord of the Night Realm: Book II – Reunion is now available to read for free on Inkitt and Wattpad! (Royal Road will accompany these sites within the next week.) Chapters will be released every Friday at 3:00 PM US Central from today through November 25, 2022, and release announcements will be made on Twitter every Friday after the newest chapter has been posted.

A couple of additional notes;

  • As with Book I, this is an early version of the manuscript that gives readers a peek before the final version is published the following year.
  • These chapters will remain free up until the release of the revision for print and eBook, so don’t feel as though you have to rush in reading them!

I hope you enjoy the continuation of Ellie and Janus’s tale as it begins to unfold over the coming months!

“Lord of the Night Realm: Book I – Sojourn” Paperback and Kindle Editions Now Available

The revised edition of Lord of the Night Realm: Book I – Sojourn is now available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats! This edition has gone through extensive editing since its serial run in 2021 and features;

  • Improved, concise wording, resulting in a large reduction of “bloat” words
  • New and re-written dialogue
  • Corrected inconsistencies

This edition is priced at $3.99 USD for Kindle and $15.99 USD for paperback, but until April 25th 11:59 PM CDT, the Kindle format will be discounted to $0.99 USD! For non-US residents, please check your country’s respective Amazon site to see if it’s available in your currency. But please note; the book is only available in English at this time.

From here on, the serial version is no longer free-to-read and only the first five chapters from the revised manuscript will remain available on Inkitt, Royal Road, and Wattpad. I apologize for the inconvenience if you were in the middle of reading that version.

As with Book II – Reunion, the gorgeous cover illustration was done by Erion Makuo, who captured the visages of Ellie and Janus in a way I only thought possible in a dream. You can view their website here for more of their artworks.

Update Regarding Release of ‘Lord of the Night Realm’ Chapters

Good afternoon, everyone. I write to you today with a pair of updates regarding the release schedule for chapters of Lord of the Night Realm. Up until this point, chapters have been releasing on a one-per-week basis every Friday at 12:00 PM US Central.

The first change is that the time of release will be pushed to every Friday at 3:00 PM US Central, so three hours later than usual. The reason for this is that Wattpad does not have scheduled publishing, so I have to manually publish the chapters every Friday at 12:00 PM. This is proving more difficult to keep up with as time goes on due to schedule conflict.

The second change is that I had originally planned to start releasing two chapters per week at some point during the middle of the first act. Now that we are approaching that point, I’ve taken the time to consider that this would be both detrimental to my productivity and overwhelming for my readers. It’s often recommended to publish two or more chapters a week when serializing a story, but the word count of each of my chapters are consistently double or triple that of the average serialized chapter. So as it stands, I am already releasing enough to read each week, and will continue to release only one chapter at a time.

To summarize;
1.) Scheduled release time will be at 3:00 PM US Central, effective immediately.
2.) Chapters will continue to release at a rate of one per week.

The only thing that this changes for you—the reader—is that chapters will arrive three hours later on Friday afternoon. Both of these changes will make it easier for me to keep focused on my work without feeling needlessly overwhelmed, and as such keep the chapters quality and consistent.

Thank you for taking the time to read this update and for your continued support with Lord of the Night Realm. I’ve appreciated it tremendously, and I hope that you continue to enjoy the story as it progresses. If you are looking to provide any additional support, please consider visiting my Ko-fi page for further options.

Take care and read on!

New Title Announcement ‘Lord of the Night Realm’

Announcing ‘Lord of the Night Realm’, an upcoming free-to-read fantasy novel that begins serialization this Friday, March 19th on Wattpad and Inkitt!

The allure of the mysterious is often compelling when one lives a normal life.

Eleanor Martel had only just finished her final exams of college at Leyia Academy when she was offered an apprenticeship to become a literary professor. Dreams of a possible new future occupied her mind, but what she could never truly anticipate coming into her life was a talking rat that pulled her into another realm to save her from a man of dark intention. However, she is considered something of a trespasser in this alternate plane, known as the Night Realm.

In this haven for the outcast and unwanted, Eleanor becomes a ward under the care of the vampire, Lord Janus. Though it is unknown whether she can return home, Eleanor soon finds comfort, friendship, and love in the denizens of the castle during her stay in the Night Realm. But her presence there has not gone unnoticed, and terrors from the darkest reaches of the plane begin to stir.

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Read on Inkitt

Main Visual Illustration by Helena Nikulina