November Update, 2022

Greetings, everyone! It’s been a weird autumn here in Wisconsin; most of the time we have highs around 45 F/7 C, then we’ll have one day where it shoots up to 78 F/25 C. It’s distressing for someone like me who prefers the cold. Especially when I can’t access my AC unit and air flows terribly through my windows!

The month of October was a strange one for me. I planned so much but did so little outside of the usual. Though I did manage to finish reading Amulet of Wishes by Rita A. Rubin, one of the fellow indie authors of whom I mentioned in the last update. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am looking forward to picking up the next. I don’t write more than a few lines of thought after I finish a trad published book, but I absolutely write reviews for self-published. So if you’re hoping to know my full thoughts, I’ll be posting those to Amazon and Goodreads sometime this month.

Progress on Lord of the Night Realm: Book II is going great! It’s a little slower than I’d have liked, but some progress is better than none. We are now over 80% written and if you’re reading this from my site on desktop, you may notice a little progress meter on the sidebar. (I believe its at the far bottom on mobile.) I’ll continue to update this as I progress through these final chapters and into the editing stages. But as of right now, I’m still on track to finishing by the end of November.

Before I close this off, I do want to mention the recent commotion over on Twitter. I have no idea what will happen with that site in the coming days, but in the event that it truly does go under, know that you’ll always find information regarding my works on this website. That goes without saying, but I’m saying it anyway for reassurance. As for social media, I’m honestly uncertain how I’ll handle it going forward. There’s always Instagram and now Tumblr, but I prefer the short burst thought formula of Twitter. Mastodon is the closest alternative I’ve found, but there doesn’t seem to be enough of a community for writers and readers alike for it to be a sound consideration at this time.

That’s all for now, so until next time, take care!

October Update, 2022

Hello everyone; I hope you’ve all been having a lovely autumn so far—and an equally as wonderful spring to those in the southern hemisphere. My sister and I were admiring the change in color while out driving the other day, though here in my part of Wisconsin it’s not too far along. A few pockets of yellow amid a blanket of green, but it’s getting there! I expect I’ll become a real shutterbug once the colors become more prominent.

I’ve spent more time outside and visiting nearby places in an effort to break out of my anxious shell. So far it seems to be working, but I have a difficult time maintaining routines at the start. Just gotta keep it going for a month or two and then it’ll come naturally. Good thing I enjoy colder weather.

During September, I picked up a good few books by fellow indie authors that I anxious to dig into. However, I’m very much a “one book at a time” person and I’m still slogging my way through my current read, Dragons of Autumn Twilight by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. I’m definitely enjoying it, but I don’t think I was ready for how long it was when I started. At this point I feel committed to finish it and simply need some quiet time to sit down and binge the last quarter of the book.

All right, let’s talk about Lord of the Night Realm: Book II – Reunion! Writing had slowed significantly after the announcement of the serialization’s premature end when I took a necessary break, but since September I’ve slowly gotten the ball rolling again. I’m easily beyond 66% written now, looking at it from a chapter to chapter perspective. However, every chapter in the second half are a bit longer than those in the first half, so if we looked at it by overall length, we’re probably around 50-60%. But I find it easier to view my progress from chapter to chapter, so I’ll keep going with that. And as of right now, I’m still very much on track to finishing the writing process by the end of November.

Before I wrap this up, I wanted to say I was amazed by the September Kindle sale of Lord of the Night Realm: Book I – Sojourn. My expectations were exceeded tenfold and it really made my month! I hope that amid those who bought the book are many who will enjoy Ellie’s tale.

That’ll be all for now, so until the next one, take care!

Site Update and Ko-fi Details

Hello, everyone! Since my last update, I’ve had a nice break and have now been hard at work writing the second half of Lord of the Night Realm: Book II – Reunion. In fact, I’m just on the cusp of two-thirds completed! Ending the serial early so that I could work at my leisure has done wonders, and I personally feel that the most recent chapters have improved in quality as a result.

But today I wanted to share a few web updates.

First and foremost is that I’ve updated the page for Lord of the Night Realm: Book I – Sojourn with additional content warnings. I realized it was lacking, so I added anything I remembered which might be upsetting for a reader. If I realize more in the future, I will absolutely update the page again.

The second is that I’m shifting focus for additional support from Patreon to Ko-fi. The former will remain open temporarily, but will not receive any further updates unless I decide to open it again in the future. A major contributing factor in this decision was that I prefer Ko-fi’s format of allowing people to choose however much they’d like to contribute instead of being forced into static amounts. Additionally, I will use it as a way to share writings early just as I had been with Patreon. Some unreleased chapters from Book II – Reunion will make their way there for supporters, but this perk will primarily come into play for future books and serials. I have even more ideas beyond that, but for now that’s what can be expected from that platform. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please check out my Ko-fi page.

Lastly, I hope to post more frequently to keep you all updated with how writing is progressing, plus other glimpses into my life and hobbies. If that’s something you’re interested in, be sure to keep tabs on this site or even sign up for email updates via the sidebar form.

Until then, take care!

Important Update Regarding “Lord of the Night Realm: Book II” Serialization

It is with regret that I must announce that the serialization for Lord of the Night Realm: Book II – Reunion will be coming to a premature end. Life has taken one unexpected turn after another since starting the serial in May, including a dire family emergency and personal emotional challenges. Routines crumbled and everything else fell off track, making it especially difficult to put them back into place.

This absolutely does not mean that Book II won’t be completed. Rather, this gives me the freedom to write at my own pace while also giving it the time and consideration that it deserves. I personally feel that the quality of Book II has suffered in recent chapters due to aforementioned events coupled with arbitrary deadlines. Additionally, ending serialization early will allow me to better care for myself without the looming stress of releasing chapters “on time”. Not to mention it eases the stress placed on my editor, whose had their own set of life troubles the past couple of months.

Lord of the Night Realm: Book II – Reunion will end serialization with the release of Chapter 46 on August 19, 2022. This chapter marks the end of the book’s first arc—a chapter that I personally love which shows many lively and pleasant moments while darker events still loom on the horizon…

Book II is currently slated for a Q1 2023 print and e-book release, but this is subject to change. Please keep tabs on my website, Twitter, Instagram, or Patreon/Ko-fi for any news or updates. I’ll certainly be sharing them as the writing process continues.

The best advice I read said to have your story completely written before you serialize, and twice now I’ve ignored it. With my lesson learned, I can move forward with writing Book II at a pace that works for me while also setting aside time for future story projects, including a brand new serial series.

Thank you so much for your understanding, and I look forward to delivering the completed Book II in the not-so-distant future—July is already half over, for Triad’s sake!