Ways to Support

Thank you for your interest in supporting me further! Here are multiple ways to give support to small indie authors like myself.

For those looking to drop me a “tip”, I have a Patreon page where the lowest tier starts from $3.00. Alternatively, you can also use Ko-fi for a one-time tip starting at $1.00, but there are no additional perks like on Patreon.

Money isn’t the only way to give support, though! If you like my work, please consider any of the following;

  • Leaving a rating or review on Goodreads, Amazon, and/or Smashwords. A written review doesn’t have to be more than a few words if you don’t want it to be.
  • Follow me on social media such as Twitter or Instagram and “like” or share any of my posts.
  • Request the eBook of any of my works from your library.
  • Share my work with people you know. Nothing beats good old fashioned word-of-mouth.

Any of these methods work wonderfully and boost visibility, which is a tremendous help! I greatly appreciate any support you can give!