Lord of the Night Realm: Sojourn


Book One of Lord of the Night Realm

A romantic fantasy tale following Ellie, a young woman torn from her everyday life and dropped in an unfamiliar and dreary world known as the Night Realm. There she forms unexpected and cherished relationships with its denizens, including Lord Janus — the vampire who takes her in as his ward. But if Ellie’s not quick to decide between the life she knew and the one she’s found, evils lurking in the shadows may take it upon themselves to write a new fate for her.

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ISBN (Paperback): 979-8986007205
ISBN (Hardcover): 979-8986007229
ISBN (eBook): 979-8986007212

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Content Warnings (Detailed, contains spoilers)


Cover Illustration by Erion Makuo
Serial Visual by Helena Nikulina