Lord of the Night Realm: Sojourn Content Warnings

Below is a detailed list of all the most sensitive content contained within Lord of the Night Realm: Sojourn. Be aware that there are both minor and major spoilers.

Alcohol consumption

(Ch. 18, 20, 30) There are multiple scenes where characters engage in relaxed social drinking.

Arachnid monster

(Ch. 20, 25, 26, 30) A massive arachnid monster is explained in detail. It is majorly present in chapters 25 and 26.


(Ch. 7, 25, 26, 30) There are detailed descriptions of gore varying from short to long.

Incestuous relationship (Implied, negatively)

(Ch. 14) Two antagonistic vampire half-siblings are implied to be in a romantic relationship via one spoken line; “You love me, so make it so!” It is depicted negatively.

Mentions of physical abuse (Parent to child)

(Ch. 23) An adult vampire has signs of physical abuse on his body that are clearly stated as having come from his father.

Minor body horror

(Ch. 25, 26) There are malformed humanoid creatures with detailed descriptions of their bodies.

Sexual content

(Ch. 28) The lead characters engage in consensual sex. This is written from an emotional standpoint and not an erotic one.