Lord of the Night Realm: Reunion Content Warnings

Below is a detailed list of all the most sensitive content contained within Lord of the Night Realm: Reunion. Be aware that there are both minor and major spoilers.

Alcohol consumption

(Ch. 32, 36, 41, 58, 60) There are multiple scenes where characters engage in relaxed drinking.

Anxiety attack

(Ch. 47) There is a detailed description of a character experiencing an anxiety attack during a tense moment.

Blood and gore

(Ch. 36, 56) There are numerous mentions and descriptions of blood due to this being a vampire novel. Chapters listed are where there are cases of gore.

Body horror

(Ch. 45, 47, 56, 57) A parasite living in a character’s wound lashes out in a violent way. Additionally, a character has a large cavity in their chest that exposes their heart.

Child abuse (physical/psychological)

(Ch. 55) A major character is revealed to have suffered severed abuse, from both their parent and their faith, and is shown throughout the duration of the chapter.

Cultist beliefs rooted in prejudice

(Ch. 36, 55) A major plot point is that an antagonistic cult is mentioned and shown many times to carry beliefs that paint people not of certain races as vile, of which they act out upon. Though it is shown most in the listed chapters, it is reoccurring throughout the entire story.

Familial death

(Ch. 53, 54) Members of a protagonist’s family are murdered before their eyes.

Medical procedures

(Ch. 45, 48) A character undergoes medical procedures twice on an open wound on the torso.